How to view my team as a parent

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We’ve made viewing your team as a parent super easy, and you can do it a few different ways.

So why might you want to view your team as a parent? Viewing as a parent gives you a good opportunity to see where your profile is looking great, or not so great. You may view your listing and think you need a few better photos, or a welcome video. Periodically checking out your profile is a good habit to get into.

Option one for checking out your teams profile page is on the Team page. Once you’ve created your team you’ll see a team card with some details of your teams details and a recruitment listing card and some actions you can take.

You’ll notice the preview button at the bottom of the yellow recruitment listing card. Hit preview and you’ll be taken to your teams profile page.

Option number two head to your dashboard, the top left card is your current recruitment card. You’ll have the same 4 options as you’re used to on the Team page; preview, pause, edit and delete.

Go ahead and hit that Preview button and you’ll be taken to your teams profile page.

Our third option is simply searching for your team. You can head to and enter your teams zip code in the search box, see your profile on the search results page, here you can select your team and see your full team profile page.

There you have it, three different ways to view your teams profile page exactly how parents see it.