Sports Bridge updates

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January 2023

Coach account on mobile

Our most requested feature to date. Coaches can now sign up for Sports Bridge and create their teams right from their phones. No computer required.

December 2022

Coach Dashboard edits

Coach dashboard have been updated to show team cards directly on the dashboard as well as quick action buttons. Your teams short link share box is now available on the Dashboard you can grab your short link without having to view your team.

Coach Team tab

The Teams tab has been refined to show more relevant information about your team as well as more clear action buttons. A short link share box is also available for easy team profile sharing.

October 2022

Sports Bridge Tags

Sports Bridge tags are NFC enabled thin plastic stickers that coaches can add to their devices they take on the go, like a smartphone. When a coach directs another person, e.g. a parent to bring their phone near the Sports Bridge tag, that person will receive a notification on their phone, that when tapped opens up the coaches team. This means that a coach doesn’t even need to share his teams link with a parent, or a parent doesn’t even need to search for a specific coaches team. Learn more about Tags here.

August 2022

Share link previews in messages now show the first image of your team right in the preview link. And for unclaimed teams, the logo of that team shows in the preview link. Preview links are what you see when you send a message to someone through a channel like iMessage, the image preview that gets added to the thread that shows a quick view of the image. Having the first image of a coaches team show for that image preview adds a layer of personalization for coaches when they share their team.

Jul 2022

Parent dashboards

Parent dashboard got a refresh and some new features and love this month. Now parents have a card that shows all of their recently viewed teams comprising of the viewed teams name and logo that when tapped or clicked takes you right back to that team.

Parents can also now search for teams directly in their account with a new search bar at the top of their dashboard.

Parents also have the ability to see team that they contacted in their dashboard with a new card that displays the team and coach they messaged and a quick way to share that team on social or with friends.

Short links

You can now share your team right from your profile, without having to copy and paste the long ugly URL. Simply click or tap the share icon on your, or another teams profile, and a popup will appear with an option to share directly to Facebook or twitter, and a short link with your team name right in the link, click or tap the share icon to copy your link.

May 2022

Club fees

You can now display club fees directly on your profile. Let parents know exactly how much they’ll spend before they reach out to you.

To do this simply head to your Teams tab, edit your team, or create a new team. On the second tab ‘Team Information’ you can add a yearly club fee in the ‘Club Fees’ box, this gets added to your Sports Bridge team profile. If you don’t want to display your club fee to parents you can just leave that box blank.

Ditch the logos

When you add a new team, just select your club from the drop down menu and your clubs logo will be added for you.

If you don’t have your clubs logo saved on your computer, or if you don’t want to remove the background of your clubs logo, now you don’t need to even think about it. If you are creating a new team navigate to the Teams tab, on the second tab of the team creator ‘Team Information’ you’ll a box ‘Club Name’ select your club from the dropdown box. If you don’t see your club you can leave it blank (we’re adding more leagues all the time) if you’ve selected your club, on the next tab, ‘Team Logo’ you’ll see your club logo appear. You can always change it if the wrong logo has been assigned.

Every SoCal League team

Every team in the SoCal league has been added to Sports Bridge.

In our first version of this feature, every team as of time of posting, has been added to Sports Bridge as an unclaimed team. If you’ve already created your team your profile will show a ‘claimed’ badge next to your team name on your profile. All new teams that have been auto added are referred to as unclaimed teams and have an ‘unclaimed’ badge next to their team name. Any coach, as long as they are the active coach of one of these unclaimed teams can claim it. When they claim that team they are then able to edit the team, add photos, change the information and everything else that Sports Bridge offers.

Check it out by running a zip code search here, you’ll notice the unclaimed listings in the search results have a graphic for a cover photo and have different profiles that the claimed profiles.

Different appearances

Until now if you didn’t have 7 photos added to your team profile you would see blank rectangles where the remaining photos would be. Now if you don’t have 7 or more photos of your team you’ll no longer see those empty grey rectangles, you’ll see a dynamic set of your photos that changes based on how many photos you add to your team.

Search by club name

Parents can now add a club name filter to their search results. Once they search using their zip code, a new filter option is available called ‘Club Name’ this filters down the search results to show only the selected team.