Sports Bridge Tags

Share your teams link in the physical world with a single tap, no app needed. Just your phone, a Sports Bridge Tag and another persons phone who you want to share your team with.


Your team profile for free


Tag on your phone case


And share your team with anyone

3 Steps to Get Started

Create a team profile

Create your team profile to share with parents and appear in our search network for free, or claim your team directly from Sports Bridge.

Create a free Sports Bridge profile

Place your tag

Add your NFC tag anywhere that you have quick access to, we recommend adding your tag to your phone case.

Tap and share

Tap your phone to another phone for the easiest way to share your team to anyone with a smart phone.

Tap and share your profile

Share your team with anyone, anywhere

You can share your Sports Bridge profile with anyone. Whoever you share your link with does not need an app or any hardware to receive your link as a notification.

Start sharing your team today

Not only do Sports Bridge profiles look great, now the way you share them is guaranteed to impress, with the fastest, most efficient way to share your team.


Questions for Sports Bridge Tags

No, the tag contains an NFC chip which when placed near a smart phone automatically sends a notification to that phone. So any phone can receive the notification to load your team without an app. 

No, they do not need an account. Sharing your Sports Bridge profile through our tags is just like you sending a link through text message and the recipient opening that link in their phones browser. They can access the links without an account with Sports Bridge.

No tags do not require a subscription. Just one upfront payment to purchase the tag. 

Yes tags work with all modern smart phones. 

Yes, at any time you can change the link the tag points to. When you receive your tag you will find instructions on how to change the link. By default your first Sports Bridge team will be linked to the tag. 

Still have questions?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to claiming your teams profile. Send us and email and expect to hear back within 24 hours.