How to make the best team profile

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In this article we are going to focus on how to set your profile apart from the rest, how to go above and beyond when crafting the perfect team profile.
Let’s start at the beginning of creating a new team, we’ll break down some of the areas that parents love seeing and things they specifically look for.

We can skip over Team Information & Location as there’s no real customization that can happen there.

First stop is Photos. This is where you can upload photos of your team and show off some of your awesome team photography.

What type of images do parents want to see?

A good mix, some of your players laughing, smiling, having fun (sports are supposed to be fun) so injecting a bit of playfulness with your photos goes a long way! Mix that up with some shots of your training drills (hint: using specialized equipment is always a plus!) Then add to those with some photos from games, and some group team photos.

If you can get a good mix of high quality photos for those activities you’ll be off to a great start.

Think about it, last time you looked at a restaurant or viewed a hotel listing, they didn’t just show photos of one area, they showed you a bunch! (at least the good ones anyway). When you’re a consumer, and in the case of Sports Bridge parents are our consumers, consumers want a good feel for what they are about to purchase or visit, digital imagery is the next best thing short of being there. So mix it up and give a good overview of your team.


Details is really good opportunity to add some more content about your team like training times, for example.

– Where do you train?

– How many times a week, what time are training sessions?

– Is your training location a well known one? Great, add that in!

– Is that training ground location were you host your home games, or another area?

– Tournaments! How many, on average, do you aim to attend each year?

– Do you focus on any unique training areas? Injury prevention, college preparation, speed training.

These are all good things to put into the details section of your team, it allows you to be nice and specific.

Next up, Description.

Description is just that, a description of your team. Your elevator pitch if you will.

– What does your club stand for?

– What does your team respect?

– What morales do you instill into your players?

– Does your club have any mission statements?

Last on the list is Achievements.

This is your final chance to show off, list every single achievement you and your team have accomplished. These look great on your profile, as parents tend to scan over and scroll to the bottom pretty quickly to get a quick overview of a team, and guess were achievements show off with their nice little blue badge icons, at the bottom of the page. So the more the merrier.

– Tournaments wins, runner ups.

– League wins and runner up

Of course if you don’t have any achievements, maybe you have a new team and so on, that’s all good focus on building those up and then come back and them in as you go.