How to find a new team for your athlete

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There are many reasons why parents often want to find a new sports team for their child– but it can get overwhelming to think about actually going through that whole process. The thought of starting over in a different team can be intimidating to both a child and their parents, but change can be necessary. As nerve-racking as it may seem, looking for a sports team doesn’t have to be a headache! 

Everything can be done online these days, and looking for new youth sports teams is no different. Sports Bridge is a platform that allows you to do just that, streamlining the process into a smooth scroll on the internet.

Here is how it works 

As a parent, you can sign on to Sports Bridge with your zip code to get started; you will then be able to view all of the nearby soccer teams in California. If you have more specifications, you can also easily include a variety of other filters to target the perfect match. 

As you take a look at different team profiles, you will have access to all sorts of relevant information that can help in your decision-making process. Team pages can include photos and videos, mission statements, tournament wins, and much more. A quick search can both inform you about a team and give you an idea of things to look for as you continue to ‘window-shop’ online.

Even if you are still unsure about whether or not to find a new sports team, it’s always a good idea to browse. Though some issues can feel minor and be easy to overlook at first, they can often compound into a bigger problem over time. If you or your child athlete are unhappy, don’t hesitate – there’s always a better, more appropriate option for your family. 

It’s all about the right fit!

What are the signs that tell me I should look for a different team for my child?

Is your child’s priority in their soccer team to play more competitive tournaments or to just have fun, laid-back games with friends? Aspects like these are important to keep in mind when thinking about what team is best for you and your child athlete. Here are some of the main reasons why parents often choose to search for a new team:

  • Inconvenient location
  • Incompatible training schedule
  • Your child isn’t having fun!
  • Your child isn’t forming valuable connections with the other players
  • The current team’s priorities don’t align with your own 
  • The current team’s values don’t align with your own
  • The current team’s level doesn’t align with your child’s skills
  • You and your child athlete are looking to work on specific areas of training

Sports can have endless physical and mental benefits for children, but being in the wrong environment can instead have some harmful effects. The right team, on the other hand, can work to greatly emphasize all of the amazing benefits that your child deserves. After all, sports are about community; it’s essential that both you and your child athlete find a strong sense of belonging within the team. 

Youth sports teach children how to play and compete, all while helping them foster friendships and learn about sportsmanship. It’s inevitable that priorities between teams and families will vary – the important thing to remember is that there is always a match out there for you. 

Every team has something great and unique to offer, just like every player contributes something special and new. Platforms like Sports Bridge make it easy to find the right sports team for your athlete, allowing you to focus on the right path for your family – stress-free!