What is a Parent account?

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Parent accounts are 100% free. A Parent account lets you message, save and compare youth soccer teams on Sports Bridge. You can always search for teams without an account at any time.

Once you create you account, confirm your email and choose the Parent account type, you will be able to enter your zip code into the search box and check out the teams recruiting in your area.

With your Parent account you’ll not only have access to the search, filter, save and message functionalities, but also your own account.

To access your account, you just need to click the user icon in the top right corner to open a dropdown menu. Click the Account option and you’ll be sent to your account.

Here you’ll be able to add personal details that will be sent across to any coaches you send a message to, this stops you needing to re-enter the same information in the message box if you reach out to multiple coaches.

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You’ll also be able to access any teams that you’ve favorited by clicking the ‘Saved Teams’ box.

To learn more about parent accounts click here.